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Sustainability is an important concern and a constant goal for us. As a development workshop, we know that progress, technology and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, but in fact complement each other perfectly. Both as a family and as a family business, we therefore strive to do justice to this important topic. In the following points, we briefly explain what we do.


  • Made and produced in Germany
    Our products are produced exclusively in our factories in Germany.
  • Materials from the region
    We source as many materials as possible from the region. This saves transport distances and emissions.
  • Low electrosmog products
    Our products are tested for electrosmog.  
  • CO² neutral shipping
    Our parcel service provider DPD transports every parcel CO² neutral.
  • RESY packaging
    We use licensed RESY packaging for our infrared heaters. RESY guarantees the reuse of all transport and outer packaging.
  • Paperless production
    We have digitalised our production processes.
  • Reuse of packaging
    We reuse our packaging wherever possible.
  • Climate-neutral print products
    Since 2019, every material we put into print is printed in a climate-neutral way.
  • Recycled paper
    Much of our guidance is printed on recycled paper..  
  • LED lighting
    Our company sites have been converted to energy-saving LED lighting.
  • Climate neutral website
    Our websites are certified climate neutral.